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Midiona is no prescription pharmacy of online prescriptions and the medical goods under the most attractive prices.

Midiona - guarantee authenticity and quality of all delivered medical products and means of medical purpose. Under the first requirement the information on a source of receipt of any medicine can be given. All suggested no prescription drugs are certificated. Terms and conditions of storage and realization of the medicinal goods are strictly observed.

Midiona is a fast and convenient way to find and buy the necessary drugs, not leaving from a house or an office. It is enough to send the application for medicines and within one hour with you the registrar of guide for confirmation of the order and specification of the address of delivery will communicate.

Midiona - provides fast search of medicines on base of the Internet - guide containing about 6000 names of actual medical products. For effective search of medicines it is enough to enter some letters from the name of a medicine and the list of the found medicines will be offered to you.

Midiona - all process of the order, registration and delivery of medicines is accompanied by the skilled pharmacist (the person with the maximum pharmaceutical formation) a real drug store. You can receive consultation and the help at a choice of the necessary medicine as in a usual guide.

Midiona - the order will be delivered precisely in due time, in the reliable packing guaranteeing full safety of medicines and confidentiality of your order.

Midiona - at reception of the goods is given the complete set of documents (commodity and cash checks), under the individual reference - a copy of the certificate on a medical product or the goods of medical purpose and the license of chemist's establishment.


Midiona has wide assortment of no prescription drugs, vaccines and other medical production. Here you can find and order all medicines necessary to you. Our guide has the convenient, clear and pleasant interface for your eyes: settle down more conveniently and order. Medicines to you will arrive precisely in time. Our couriers are selected by results of psychological tests are responsible and simply pleasant people.

Midiona - your friend and the assistant

If at you the loaded operating schedule, and you do not presume to stand in turns of guide; if you do not have time a rare medicine in different guide, and you have decided to lead vaccination to yourselves and the relatives; if at you aged or ailing relatives, or you have simply decided to take care of someone; and, at last, if you want to deal with a serious guide to which can trust - that in Midiona are always glad to help you.

Guarantee of authenticity

In our guide only original medical production.

Midiona works directly with the largest and famous distributors of pharmaceutical production. Therefore you, buying at us, as a rule, save in comparison with purchase in the other guide where the goods reach through a long circuit of intermediaries. Quality of medicines and drugs are guaranteed by a full set of certificates, reputation of the companies - manufacturers and suppliers, strict observance of rules of transportation and storage of the goods.